Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Female Orgasm Blueprint

What you’ll learn in this chapter:

• The Orgasm Blue Print…what it is, how it works, and
why you need it
• Changes that happen in a woman during each step of the
female sexual response.

The “Orgasm Blue Print” is the strategy to female orgasms.
It a 4 phase “battle plan” designed to release a woman’s

The blue print is broken down into 4 “Phases”, and 5
distinct “Stages”.

They are:

Phase 1: Seduction
Stage 1: Desire
Phase 2: Sensations
Stage 2: Excitement
Stage 3: Plateau
Phase 3: Surrender
Stage 4: Orgasm
Phase 4: Reflection
Stage 5: Resolution
Now, I have to admit, I can’t take credit for the overall
“outline” of the blue print. This model is based off of
the “Circular Model of Female Sexual Response”, developed
by Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. Karen Brash-McGreer.

As you can see from the diagram above, it looks impressive
and informative, but…it lacks the steps to bring about an
orgasm in the first place!

So, what I have done is taken this overall framework, and
added the practical, technical, nitty-gritty instructions
on how to get from one stage to the next (and ultimately an
orgasm). That’s where the sexual techniques come in (as
you’ll soon find out).

Here’s a modified version of the Circular Model of Female
Sexual Response, which I call the “Female Orgasm

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