Sunday, February 8, 2009


Let me start by saying that I’m an ordinary guy, just like
you. My penis isn’t the largest in the locker room. The
women out there don’t mistake me for Hollywood’s latest hot
celebrity. I’m not rich, or famous, I’m not a “playboy”,
and I’m not exactly what you’d call a genius, though I
wasn’t born yesterday either.

But I have been blessed with some pretty insightful, and
more importantly, authentic, wisdom to share that has the
potential to open doors to uncharted territory in your sex
life. I can’t offer you increased size or a magical potion
to incite lust and desire in every woman you meet.

But, if you make a solid commitment to read and practice
the wisdom you’ll find over the next several chapters, I
can promise that the special woman in your life will be
purring like a kitten, eager and available for erotic
romping more often than you’d dared to imagine. Before
long, she’ll be bragging about how great you are in bed,
and your buddies will be begging you to share your secrets!

You see, I’m on a mission in life to provide the keys
needed to open the doors for a woman’s sexual fulfillment
to as many men as desire to possess them.

You and I both know that sex and the ultimate peak of
orgasm – both on a regular schedule – are an important, no,
essential, part of a healthy, normal life. That’s because
having an orgasm releases a powerful chemical cocktail
that, among other things:

• Reduces stress
• Reduces tension
• Clears your mind
• Releases you to concentrate on other things besides
sex and
• It makes you feel damn good!

In all reality, the act of orgasm is Mother Nature’s way of
regulating our raging testosterone and keeps us sane, happy
and smiling.

However, interrupt that “regular schedule” and it’s a whole
different scenario. Once you cross that 72-hour threshold

without an orgasm, you become restlessness, anxious,
irritable, and aching balls enter the scene. It isn’t very
much longer after that before something’s gotta give!

Lucky for us guys, reaching an orgasm isn’t rocket science.
Most of us have been doing it since middle school and by
now, we’ve got it down to an art!

But for the women out there, it’s a whole different story…

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Elusive Female Orgasm

Knowing you’ve made a woman cum is supremely satisfying,
but not nearly as wonderful and amazing as the orgasm your
lover is experiencing. Unfortunately, it’s nearly
impossible to explain.

Masters and Johnson’s, a leading sexual authority, after
many interviews with countless women, described it like

“Women often describe the sensations of an orgasm as
beginning with a momentary sense of suspension,
quickly followed by an intensely pleasurable feeling
that usually begins at the clitoris and rapidly
spreads throughout the pelvis. The physical sensations
of the genitals are often described as warm, electric,
or tingly, and these usually spread throughout the
body. Finally, most women feel muscle contractions in
their vagina and lower pelvis, often described as
“pelvic throbbing.”’

But, if you ask a typical woman to describe an orgasm, and
you’ll probably hear a lot of words and sounds and
descriptions that lead you to believe that the female
orgasm is a mystical, spiritual thing…It is!!

Could you imagine making it through next year, much less
every year, without being able to orgasm yourself?
Then imagine going through all of the motions, over and
over, without having an orgasm. Talk about blue balls!

It probably wouldn’t take you too long to throw your hands
up in disgust and decide to swear sex off for good.

You would be frustrated…and that’s exactly how a woman who
has never experienced an orgasm before feels.

This is why many women who are in long term relationships
don’t want to have sex as often as before. She’s
frustrated, doesn’t experience pleasure from sex, and
treats sex like another chore.

But that’s exactly what’s going on in the lives of
countless women out there. Something’s got to change, but

The fact is, for the most part, you’ve got a lot left to
learn about how to sexually satisfy a woman.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Don’t We Know More Female Orgasms?

Truth of the matter is, most guys don’t have a clue about
female orgasms.

Most men simply aren’t getting a quality sexual education.

If you want to be a plumber, you simply go to a trade
school, graduate, and POOF! – you’re a plumber. Why can’t
it be that simply when it comes to becoming an excellent,
satisfying lover?

Where did you learn about sex? Whispering with your buddies
over contraband cigarettes and alcohol? Stumbling upon your
Dad’s stash of pornographic movies and magazines? Those
ridiculous “sex ed. classes” they gave in school?

Let’s take a look at this “education”…

First off, looking back, it’s probably safe to assume that
at least 75% of the sex stories your buddies offered you
were complete, unadulterated bull-shit, pure and simple.

Secondly, the porn industry isn’t the “real deal.” The
scenes are scripted, the women paid to perform and most of
those orgasms are faked (at least by the women). Sure, you
might have picked up a few useful positions or techniques,
but if porn is your only sex education, you definitely need
to keep on reading.

That leaves us with school-sponsored sex education,
probably the most well-funded (and successful) campaign of
propaganda to convince kids and teens across the globe NOT
to engage in sexual activity!

Your teachers were too busy threatening you with the
nightmarish possibilities of unplanned pregnancy and STD’s
and dulling your senses with complex (and totally not-sexy)
charts and diagrams.

I’m willing to bet no one was sharing the goods on the G-
spot, clitoris or the potential for female ejaculation!

Sure, it’s important to know about condoms, birth control,
AIDS and HIV, but what you really wanted (and needed) to
hear about was the fine art of cunnilingus, giving multiple
orgasms and other super-secret insider tips.

And that’s what you’re about to learn in this manual!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What This Manual Is About

This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on
how to give women orgasms. The Female Orgasm Black Book is
something that you can refer to time and time again.

I’ve written it with a male reader in mind, but the
information in this manual is intended to help men, women
and couples achieve female orgasms and have a more
fulfilling sexual relationship.

The core section (The Female Orgasm Black Book) contains
details of female orgasms, along with the overall “system”
or “strategy” you’ll employ. I’ve also included a few
techniques to illustrate what needs to be done, and when.

The other parts of the manual can be looked at as the
“toolbox” of techniques. You’ll find a variety of
different sexual techniques you can use to “plug-and-play”
into the overall system.

OK, enough introductory talk…let’s get down to business!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keys to Success

One of the main things that make this book so much better
than all of those other sex books is that I’ll take you
through a two-step approach that addresses the whole sexual
experience, instead of merely a portion.

The two aspects that this manual is going to focus upon

1. Strategy (the mindset and overall framework of the
female orgasm)
2. Tactics (techniques and the “how to’s”)

The biggest mistake that you can make is to focus on the
how-to without paying proper attention to the best mind-set
and strategies of the female orgasm.

In reality, the strategies are the key to unlocking the
power of the techniques. You’ll understand that while the
techniques by itself can be effective, the mind-numbing,
noisy, wet, toe-curling orgasms lies largely in the
strategy you use when applying the techniques.

So, in order to get the most out of these tactics, you’ve
got to pay close, intimate attention to the strategies

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Your state of mind (and your partners’) can really make or
break the chances of her having an orgasm…

The Wrong Mindset

How do you approach your lover’s orgasms?

You probably enter into sex with the mindset and goal of
“giving an orgasm.”

It’s this approach that leads too many guys on a wild goose
chase for the “perfect” strokes and techniques. It leaves
you blindly seeking out every tip and trick out there,
furiously testing them out on your lover.

I hate to break it to you, but this is the wrong mindset if
you truly want to “give” an orgasm.

It sounds contradictory, I know. But it’s true, and here’s

When you head into the bedroom with the goal of “giving”
her an orgasm, you’re setting up expectations in both of
your minds. This approach will create pressure on both you
and your partner that an orgasm MUST happen. Once you add
pressure to have an orgasm, it is virtually guaranteed to
add some negative stress and anxiety during your intimate
times together.

And…as this stress grows, it will actually make it much
harder for her to cum.

Have you ever seen a football or basketball player “choke
up” during a game?

The fans, the crowds, the competition build up so much
pressure for the athlete to perform well that their focus
is diverted from the game and to their anxieties.

Ultimately, they wind up screwing up. Too much focus and
drive on your part to “give” an orgasm can have the same
effect on your partner.

If the stress and pressure get too high, she may be left
unsatisfied. And because you have set this “goal” to have
an orgasm in a first place, and now that the goal is un-
met, both you and your partner will be left feeling

If this approach is sustained, you may wind up anchoring
these feelings of disappointment to your times of physical
intimacy – carrying it over into your next sexual
encounter, further increasing her “performance anxiety.”

The Right Mindset

Here’s the paradox…

If you want to give an orgasm, you have to NOT focus on the

Instead of focusing on the goal of achieving an orgasm,
start focusing your attention on the pleasure of the

The key is, if you focus on giving pleasure, and making
sure she’s feeling good, that orgasm will come (no pun

Monday, February 2, 2009


Not every technique will work on every woman. One woman may
prefer one particular stroke or rhythm more than the next
woman does.

To find out what really makes your woman tick, you’ve got
to open the lines of communication. You need to find out
what she likes as you’re applying a technique. That way,
you can optimize your rhythm, speed, stroke etc. to match
what she likes best.

Aim for open verbal communication, but if your lover isn’t
as brave speaking her mind (especially when you’re face is
buried between her thighs) you can opt for more non-verbal
communicative methods, such as squeezing hands or body

Communicating well with your partner can make it much
easier to bring her pleasure, and ultimately, more and
better orgasms.