Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Don’t We Know More Female Orgasms?

Truth of the matter is, most guys don’t have a clue about
female orgasms.

Most men simply aren’t getting a quality sexual education.

If you want to be a plumber, you simply go to a trade
school, graduate, and POOF! – you’re a plumber. Why can’t
it be that simply when it comes to becoming an excellent,
satisfying lover?

Where did you learn about sex? Whispering with your buddies
over contraband cigarettes and alcohol? Stumbling upon your
Dad’s stash of pornographic movies and magazines? Those
ridiculous “sex ed. classes” they gave in school?

Let’s take a look at this “education”…

First off, looking back, it’s probably safe to assume that
at least 75% of the sex stories your buddies offered you
were complete, unadulterated bull-shit, pure and simple.

Secondly, the porn industry isn’t the “real deal.” The
scenes are scripted, the women paid to perform and most of
those orgasms are faked (at least by the women). Sure, you
might have picked up a few useful positions or techniques,
but if porn is your only sex education, you definitely need
to keep on reading.

That leaves us with school-sponsored sex education,
probably the most well-funded (and successful) campaign of
propaganda to convince kids and teens across the globe NOT
to engage in sexual activity!

Your teachers were too busy threatening you with the
nightmarish possibilities of unplanned pregnancy and STD’s
and dulling your senses with complex (and totally not-sexy)
charts and diagrams.

I’m willing to bet no one was sharing the goods on the G-
spot, clitoris or the potential for female ejaculation!

Sure, it’s important to know about condoms, birth control,
AIDS and HIV, but what you really wanted (and needed) to
hear about was the fine art of cunnilingus, giving multiple
orgasms and other super-secret insider tips.

And that’s what you’re about to learn in this manual!

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