Sunday, February 8, 2009


Let me start by saying that I’m an ordinary guy, just like
you. My penis isn’t the largest in the locker room. The
women out there don’t mistake me for Hollywood’s latest hot
celebrity. I’m not rich, or famous, I’m not a “playboy”,
and I’m not exactly what you’d call a genius, though I
wasn’t born yesterday either.

But I have been blessed with some pretty insightful, and
more importantly, authentic, wisdom to share that has the
potential to open doors to uncharted territory in your sex
life. I can’t offer you increased size or a magical potion
to incite lust and desire in every woman you meet.

But, if you make a solid commitment to read and practice
the wisdom you’ll find over the next several chapters, I
can promise that the special woman in your life will be
purring like a kitten, eager and available for erotic
romping more often than you’d dared to imagine. Before
long, she’ll be bragging about how great you are in bed,
and your buddies will be begging you to share your secrets!

You see, I’m on a mission in life to provide the keys
needed to open the doors for a woman’s sexual fulfillment
to as many men as desire to possess them.

You and I both know that sex and the ultimate peak of
orgasm – both on a regular schedule – are an important, no,
essential, part of a healthy, normal life. That’s because
having an orgasm releases a powerful chemical cocktail
that, among other things:

• Reduces stress
• Reduces tension
• Clears your mind
• Releases you to concentrate on other things besides
sex and
• It makes you feel damn good!

In all reality, the act of orgasm is Mother Nature’s way of
regulating our raging testosterone and keeps us sane, happy
and smiling.

However, interrupt that “regular schedule” and it’s a whole
different scenario. Once you cross that 72-hour threshold

without an orgasm, you become restlessness, anxious,
irritable, and aching balls enter the scene. It isn’t very
much longer after that before something’s gotta give!

Lucky for us guys, reaching an orgasm isn’t rocket science.
Most of us have been doing it since middle school and by
now, we’ve got it down to an art!

But for the women out there, it’s a whole different story…

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