Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Elusive Female Orgasm

Knowing you’ve made a woman cum is supremely satisfying,
but not nearly as wonderful and amazing as the orgasm your
lover is experiencing. Unfortunately, it’s nearly
impossible to explain.

Masters and Johnson’s, a leading sexual authority, after
many interviews with countless women, described it like

“Women often describe the sensations of an orgasm as
beginning with a momentary sense of suspension,
quickly followed by an intensely pleasurable feeling
that usually begins at the clitoris and rapidly
spreads throughout the pelvis. The physical sensations
of the genitals are often described as warm, electric,
or tingly, and these usually spread throughout the
body. Finally, most women feel muscle contractions in
their vagina and lower pelvis, often described as
“pelvic throbbing.”’

But, if you ask a typical woman to describe an orgasm, and
you’ll probably hear a lot of words and sounds and
descriptions that lead you to believe that the female
orgasm is a mystical, spiritual thing…It is!!

Could you imagine making it through next year, much less
every year, without being able to orgasm yourself?
Then imagine going through all of the motions, over and
over, without having an orgasm. Talk about blue balls!

It probably wouldn’t take you too long to throw your hands
up in disgust and decide to swear sex off for good.

You would be frustrated…and that’s exactly how a woman who
has never experienced an orgasm before feels.

This is why many women who are in long term relationships
don’t want to have sex as often as before. She’s
frustrated, doesn’t experience pleasure from sex, and
treats sex like another chore.

But that’s exactly what’s going on in the lives of
countless women out there. Something’s got to change, but

The fact is, for the most part, you’ve got a lot left to
learn about how to sexually satisfy a woman.

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