Sunday, February 8, 2009


Let me start by saying that I’m an ordinary guy, just like
you. My penis isn’t the largest in the locker room. The
women out there don’t mistake me for Hollywood’s latest hot
celebrity. I’m not rich, or famous, I’m not a “playboy”,
and I’m not exactly what you’d call a genius, though I
wasn’t born yesterday either.

But I have been blessed with some pretty insightful, and
more importantly, authentic, wisdom to share that has the
potential to open doors to uncharted territory in your sex
life. I can’t offer you increased size or a magical potion
to incite lust and desire in every woman you meet.

But, if you make a solid commitment to read and practice
the wisdom you’ll find over the next several chapters, I
can promise that the special woman in your life will be
purring like a kitten, eager and available for erotic
romping more often than you’d dared to imagine. Before
long, she’ll be bragging about how great you are in bed,
and your buddies will be begging you to share your secrets!

You see, I’m on a mission in life to provide the keys
needed to open the doors for a woman’s sexual fulfillment
to as many men as desire to possess them.

You and I both know that sex and the ultimate peak of
orgasm – both on a regular schedule – are an important, no,
essential, part of a healthy, normal life. That’s because
having an orgasm releases a powerful chemical cocktail
that, among other things:

• Reduces stress
• Reduces tension
• Clears your mind
• Releases you to concentrate on other things besides
sex and
• It makes you feel damn good!

In all reality, the act of orgasm is Mother Nature’s way of
regulating our raging testosterone and keeps us sane, happy
and smiling.

However, interrupt that “regular schedule” and it’s a whole
different scenario. Once you cross that 72-hour threshold

without an orgasm, you become restlessness, anxious,
irritable, and aching balls enter the scene. It isn’t very
much longer after that before something’s gotta give!

Lucky for us guys, reaching an orgasm isn’t rocket science.
Most of us have been doing it since middle school and by
now, we’ve got it down to an art!

But for the women out there, it’s a whole different story…

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Elusive Female Orgasm

Knowing you’ve made a woman cum is supremely satisfying,
but not nearly as wonderful and amazing as the orgasm your
lover is experiencing. Unfortunately, it’s nearly
impossible to explain.

Masters and Johnson’s, a leading sexual authority, after
many interviews with countless women, described it like

“Women often describe the sensations of an orgasm as
beginning with a momentary sense of suspension,
quickly followed by an intensely pleasurable feeling
that usually begins at the clitoris and rapidly
spreads throughout the pelvis. The physical sensations
of the genitals are often described as warm, electric,
or tingly, and these usually spread throughout the
body. Finally, most women feel muscle contractions in
their vagina and lower pelvis, often described as
“pelvic throbbing.”’

But, if you ask a typical woman to describe an orgasm, and
you’ll probably hear a lot of words and sounds and
descriptions that lead you to believe that the female
orgasm is a mystical, spiritual thing…It is!!

Could you imagine making it through next year, much less
every year, without being able to orgasm yourself?
Then imagine going through all of the motions, over and
over, without having an orgasm. Talk about blue balls!

It probably wouldn’t take you too long to throw your hands
up in disgust and decide to swear sex off for good.

You would be frustrated…and that’s exactly how a woman who
has never experienced an orgasm before feels.

This is why many women who are in long term relationships
don’t want to have sex as often as before. She’s
frustrated, doesn’t experience pleasure from sex, and
treats sex like another chore.

But that’s exactly what’s going on in the lives of
countless women out there. Something’s got to change, but

The fact is, for the most part, you’ve got a lot left to
learn about how to sexually satisfy a woman.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Don’t We Know More Female Orgasms?

Truth of the matter is, most guys don’t have a clue about
female orgasms.

Most men simply aren’t getting a quality sexual education.

If you want to be a plumber, you simply go to a trade
school, graduate, and POOF! – you’re a plumber. Why can’t
it be that simply when it comes to becoming an excellent,
satisfying lover?

Where did you learn about sex? Whispering with your buddies
over contraband cigarettes and alcohol? Stumbling upon your
Dad’s stash of pornographic movies and magazines? Those
ridiculous “sex ed. classes” they gave in school?

Let’s take a look at this “education”…

First off, looking back, it’s probably safe to assume that
at least 75% of the sex stories your buddies offered you
were complete, unadulterated bull-shit, pure and simple.

Secondly, the porn industry isn’t the “real deal.” The
scenes are scripted, the women paid to perform and most of
those orgasms are faked (at least by the women). Sure, you
might have picked up a few useful positions or techniques,
but if porn is your only sex education, you definitely need
to keep on reading.

That leaves us with school-sponsored sex education,
probably the most well-funded (and successful) campaign of
propaganda to convince kids and teens across the globe NOT
to engage in sexual activity!

Your teachers were too busy threatening you with the
nightmarish possibilities of unplanned pregnancy and STD’s
and dulling your senses with complex (and totally not-sexy)
charts and diagrams.

I’m willing to bet no one was sharing the goods on the G-
spot, clitoris or the potential for female ejaculation!

Sure, it’s important to know about condoms, birth control,
AIDS and HIV, but what you really wanted (and needed) to
hear about was the fine art of cunnilingus, giving multiple
orgasms and other super-secret insider tips.

And that’s what you’re about to learn in this manual!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What This Manual Is About

This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on
how to give women orgasms. The Female Orgasm Black Book is
something that you can refer to time and time again.

I’ve written it with a male reader in mind, but the
information in this manual is intended to help men, women
and couples achieve female orgasms and have a more
fulfilling sexual relationship.

The core section (The Female Orgasm Black Book) contains
details of female orgasms, along with the overall “system”
or “strategy” you’ll employ. I’ve also included a few
techniques to illustrate what needs to be done, and when.

The other parts of the manual can be looked at as the
“toolbox” of techniques. You’ll find a variety of
different sexual techniques you can use to “plug-and-play”
into the overall system.

OK, enough introductory talk…let’s get down to business!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keys to Success

One of the main things that make this book so much better
than all of those other sex books is that I’ll take you
through a two-step approach that addresses the whole sexual
experience, instead of merely a portion.

The two aspects that this manual is going to focus upon

1. Strategy (the mindset and overall framework of the
female orgasm)
2. Tactics (techniques and the “how to’s”)

The biggest mistake that you can make is to focus on the
how-to without paying proper attention to the best mind-set
and strategies of the female orgasm.

In reality, the strategies are the key to unlocking the
power of the techniques. You’ll understand that while the
techniques by itself can be effective, the mind-numbing,
noisy, wet, toe-curling orgasms lies largely in the
strategy you use when applying the techniques.

So, in order to get the most out of these tactics, you’ve
got to pay close, intimate attention to the strategies

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Your state of mind (and your partners’) can really make or
break the chances of her having an orgasm…

The Wrong Mindset

How do you approach your lover’s orgasms?

You probably enter into sex with the mindset and goal of
“giving an orgasm.”

It’s this approach that leads too many guys on a wild goose
chase for the “perfect” strokes and techniques. It leaves
you blindly seeking out every tip and trick out there,
furiously testing them out on your lover.

I hate to break it to you, but this is the wrong mindset if
you truly want to “give” an orgasm.

It sounds contradictory, I know. But it’s true, and here’s

When you head into the bedroom with the goal of “giving”
her an orgasm, you’re setting up expectations in both of
your minds. This approach will create pressure on both you
and your partner that an orgasm MUST happen. Once you add
pressure to have an orgasm, it is virtually guaranteed to
add some negative stress and anxiety during your intimate
times together.

And…as this stress grows, it will actually make it much
harder for her to cum.

Have you ever seen a football or basketball player “choke
up” during a game?

The fans, the crowds, the competition build up so much
pressure for the athlete to perform well that their focus
is diverted from the game and to their anxieties.

Ultimately, they wind up screwing up. Too much focus and
drive on your part to “give” an orgasm can have the same
effect on your partner.

If the stress and pressure get too high, she may be left
unsatisfied. And because you have set this “goal” to have
an orgasm in a first place, and now that the goal is un-
met, both you and your partner will be left feeling

If this approach is sustained, you may wind up anchoring
these feelings of disappointment to your times of physical
intimacy – carrying it over into your next sexual
encounter, further increasing her “performance anxiety.”

The Right Mindset

Here’s the paradox…

If you want to give an orgasm, you have to NOT focus on the

Instead of focusing on the goal of achieving an orgasm,
start focusing your attention on the pleasure of the

The key is, if you focus on giving pleasure, and making
sure she’s feeling good, that orgasm will come (no pun

Monday, February 2, 2009


Not every technique will work on every woman. One woman may
prefer one particular stroke or rhythm more than the next
woman does.

To find out what really makes your woman tick, you’ve got
to open the lines of communication. You need to find out
what she likes as you’re applying a technique. That way,
you can optimize your rhythm, speed, stroke etc. to match
what she likes best.

Aim for open verbal communication, but if your lover isn’t
as brave speaking her mind (especially when you’re face is
buried between her thighs) you can opt for more non-verbal
communicative methods, such as squeezing hands or body

Communicating well with your partner can make it much
easier to bring her pleasure, and ultimately, more and
better orgasms.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


One of the biggest mistake men make is moving too fast, too
soon. It works fine for us, but for a woman, she might not
be ready yet.

For guys, we can come to an orgasm very quickly. Men
basically need to get aroused, stimulated, and we’re done.

Women, on the other hand, need a gradual escalation to come
to a point of orgasm.

With each of the stages of sexual response (you’ll find out
about this in an upcoming chapter), the intensity of the
stimulation is increased.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anticipation and Tension

Anticipation (otherwise known as “teasing” and
“excitement”) is a powerful and effective tool to use.
In order to multiply the effects of your sexual techniques,
you’ll have to add anticipation into the mix.
Anticipation will get her more aroused, give her a greater
chance to have an orgasm and focuses her mind on the
physical pleasure she’s experiencing.

And…while you’re building up anticipation, at the same time
you’re cranking up sexual tension as well.

The sexual tension will have to be released (in the form of
an orgasm).

The key to building up anticipation is to focus on the
areas surround the main “target” before you actually hit
the target.

For example, you can do this by rubbing her inner thighs,
buttocks and hips before actually touching her vagina.
While you’re rubbing those body parts, she’s getting wetter
and wetter by the second, anticipating you to finally move
onto her vagina. At the same time, the tension is growing
within her and at some point, it’ll have to be released.

A note: when you’re building up the anticipation in her,
it’s going to build up in you as well! It’s going to be
your job to maintain self control, and keep the escalation
at the right pace.

Friday, January 30, 2009


A woman has to be completely relaxed to have an orgasm.

If she has her mind on her job, self-conscious about how
her body looks, trying to have an orgasm, or whatever the
case may be, she’s not going to be relaxed. She’ll be
tensed, and her body won’t allow her to release an orgasm.

Your job?

To help those troubles melt away and disappear (even if
only temporarily) with your words, touch, attitude and preparations.
Your lover must be totally and completely
relaxed and free from tension.

The only tension she should be feeling is sexual tension!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Give Before You Receive

Before receiving any sexual pleasure from her, you have to
make sure she receives sexual pleasure from you first.


It shows that:

1) You have control of your sexual desires
2) She’ll be in a more “ready” state to have an orgasm
while having intercourse, and
3) After she has an orgasm, she'll be ready and
willing to reciprocate to the best of her abilities!

Seriously, if you can compare the quality of the blow job
she gives you, the one performed without her experiencing
an orgasm FIRST, will, ironically, SUCK compared to the
blow job she gives you after she RECIEVES an orgasm.

Sex goes the same too...

Go ahead and test this out for yourself if you don't
believe me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips for the Woman in Your Life

Now I’d like to take a few moments to address the special
woman in your life. You can invite her over to the screen,
print out the page and tuck it into her briefcase or bring
it up in your next sexual conversation…

1. Allow yourself to let go. Don’t feel selfish or
sluttish; distracted or unworthy. Don’t tame or subdue
yourself. Don’t hold anything back!

2. Don’t feel afraid to get a little verbal. Quit biting
your tongue or holding your breath. Let go and moan,
groan or sigh if you want to. Don’t force it or get
too theatrical, but the man in your life will love to
hear the sounds of your pleasure escaping your lips.

3. If you find yourself constantly stressing over hygiene
issues like scent or taste or cleanliness, try
incorporating a bath or shower early on in your
schedule to prepare and improve your comfort level.
Even better if you can invite him to join you!

4. Strive to gain greater comfort with your body and what
turns you on. Take initiative to learn what really
drives you insane with desire and then learn to
communicate those hot buttons to the man in your bed.
What do you fantasize about? What really turns you on?

5. Learn to believe your lover when he tells you he loves
to pleasure you and make you cum – he means it! And
he’s also telling you the truth when he swears up and
down that he loves to eat your pussy! There are few
things in this world that will give a man a sense of
accomplishment or satisfaction than making the woman
he cares about cum…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Oxytocin Factor

Oxytocin is one of many chemicals that play a significant
role in orgasm and sexual response. It’s a hormone that is
secreted by the pituitary gland and cases muscle
contractions and sensitizes the nerves. While oxytocin
plays a part in our orgasms too, it’s believed that it’s
even more important in a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Not only does this hormone play a large part in the
contractions that wrack a woman’s womb and vaginal walls
when she cums, research has shown that increased oxytocin
production in a woman contributes to more powerful, intense

Oxytocin also plays an important part of a woman’s
emotional state and stimulates emotional pleasure and
feelings of intimacy. It’s often referred to as the
“cuddling hormone” because it’s this chemical that
initiates feelings of connection, bonding and intimacy with
your lover.
Stronger orgasms and emotional fulfillment – it’s no
surprise why this chemical hormone is so vital to a woman’s
healthy sexual response!

In later chapters you’ll discover exactly how to release
this chemical to make her feel more connected to you, and
want to have sex with you more often.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Keys to Success in Action

I’m providing you with quite a bit of information. It’s all
well and good if you can read and remember the techniques
and concepts, but if you don’t apply them, you might as
well not have wasted your time or money on this book.

Make a solid commitment to not only read this book, but to
put the principles I share with you into practice in your
every day sex life.

Team up with your lover and let her know what you’re
reading up on. Ask her to work with you and convince her to
agree to offer you honest feedback on the new things you’ll
be trying out.

Believe me - she’ll thank you for it later!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Female Sexual Anatomy and Other Erogenous Zones

In this chapter you’ll learn:

• Female sexual body parts that are crucial to sexual
pleasure, and where to find them
• Other body parts vital to arousal

The female sexual organs comprise one of the most intricate
and sensitive nerve networks in the universe, and it’s
yours for the discovering. In this chapter, we’re going to
get up close and personal with the ins and outs of the
female sexual anatomy and response.

I’ll break it down two different ways: namely, the external
anatomy (vulva) and the internal anatomy (vagina). We’ll
begin with the external structures, since it’s here that
we’ll find that amazingly sensitive clitoris. The key to,
arguably, just about every single orgasm any woman has.

External Female Sexual Anatomy

The Clitoris:

The clitoris is a small, highly sensitive organ that is
very important to female sexual response. You can almost
think of it as a “mini-penis”.

There are 2 main parts to the clitoris (externally):

1. The shaft
2. The glans (or the clitoral head)

The glans is visible, sticking out like a small lump. The
shaft disappears into the body beneath the clitoral hood,
which is a layer of tissue that passes around the clitoris.

The clitoris varies in size for different women, much like
penis size vary in men.

Women have been blessed with a sex organ with no
reproductive purpose – it’s only function is receiving
pleasure. It has over 8,000 nerve endings which are
intricately networked with the nerves throughout the pelvic
Although I’ve labeled it as an “external” organ, most of
the clitoris is actually hidden inside the body.

The shaft of the clitoris extends into the body, and then
splitting into two legs form an upside down “V” (the
clitoral crura) which lie on both sides of the vaginal

But the key feature of the internal portion of the clitoris
is the fact that the clitoris surrounds the urethra (the
passage where urine exits the bladder).

What does this mean?

It means that the pleasurable sensations from stimulating
the “G-Spot” (the area on the upper wall of the vagina,
below the urethra) is through contact with the inner parts
of the clitoris!

Also, this can explain the “vaginal orgasm” (orgasm through
vaginal penetration), since the interior parts of the
clitoris is stimulated.
Mons Pubis:

The mons pubis is the fatty pad of tissue that’s covered by
pubic hair. It lies on top of the pubic bone, and on top
of the inner clitoral structures.

Inner Lips (Labia Minora):

The labia minora are the fleshy hairless inner lips that
lie on either sides of the vaginal entrance. The inner
ips come together at the top forming the clitoral hood. l

Outer Lips (Labia Majora):
The outer lips are rounded pads of fatty tissue lying
on either side of the vaginal entrance.

You’ll find it at the bottom of the vaginal entrance where
the inner labia meet.


The perineum, more commonly referred to as the “taint”, is
the area between the vaginal opening and the vagina.


Although she might disagree with you, the anus is a highly
erogenous zone. But, to stimulate it doesn’t require
penetration. The anus has a high concentration of nerve
endings, and can feel pleasurable when stimulated.
Remember though, that any anal play requires special
attention to hygiene, as the anus and rectum contain (and
can spread) bacteria.

Interior Female Sexual Anatomy


The vagina is a tube shaped organ where the penis is
inserted during sex (we all know this one!)

But what you might not know is that most of the nerve
supply of the vagina to the lower 1/3, near the entrance.
In other words, the most sensitive area of a woman’s vagina
is near the front.

On the other hand, the deeper 2/3 of the vagina contains
almost no nerve endings…so…it’s insensitive to stimulation
(a woman can tell you that she’ll have feelings of deep
pressure though).

What does this mean to you?
It means that, even if you have a short penis, you can
still give pleasure to your partner while having sex,
simply because the back of the vagina just isn’t as
sensitive as the front.


The cervix is located at the back of the vagina, and is the
opening to the uterus.

Although the cervix has no sexual function, you should be
aware of it during intercourse. The cervix is sensitive to
pressure, and you could actually bruise it during sex if
you’re thrusting too hard!

If you have a long penis, then chances are you’ll be
hitting the cervix as you’re thrusting in. Some women
enjoy it while others will tell you that it’s irritating.
If that’s the case, you might need to change your thrusting
angles or sexual position.

Locating the G-Spot…

The G-spot is located about one and a half to two inches
up, on the anterior (toward the front) wall of the vagina,
at about 12 o’clock, or really anywhere between 11:00 and

As you begin your explorations, start with inserting your
forefinger gently inside of her, curving and hooking it
behind the pubic bone, and then moving it forward, in the
“come-hither” motion.

Now with your fingers, move them in a “zig-zag” pattern.
Essentially what you’re doing is scanning the ceiling of
the vaginal wall for her G-spot.
Once you feel a small mound of spongy tissue that ranges in
size from that of a nickel and quarter - and having a rough
texture different that the immediately surrounding tissue -
you’ve found it.

The G-spot swells up and gets bigger the more she’s
aroused, so if you’re having trouble finding it, chances
re, she might not be aroused enough.
More about the G-Spot…

If you can manage to master the secrets of G-spot
stimulation, you’ll be in great shape with your lovers,
likely claiming the honor as one of (if not the most)
satisfying and amazing lovers they’ve ever had.

That’s because G-spot orgasms tend to be felt at a deeper
level and more intensely than clitoral orgasms alone. They
also offer the additional spiff of being able to occur
consecutively, with no “established” upper limit. And if
you really get it down, she might even ejaculate. And what
can be better than making your woman become a wetter?

These are the key secrets that separate the men from the
boys. Unfortunately, it’s actually a safe estimation that
less than 1% of the world’s population of men is able to
repeatedly find, and them properly stimulate, their lovers’

Urethral Sponge:
Some people think that the urethral sponge and the G-spot
is the same thing, while others think that they’re totally
different. In any case, stimulating this area can cause
massive pleasure, and female ejaculation!

The urethral sponge is a spongy tissue and surrounds the
urethral canal. It’s important because of 2 reasons:
1. Filled with nerve endings

The urethral sponge is filled with nerve endings, so
stimulating it will be highly pleasurable a woman.

2. “Skenes Glands”

This is the key to female ejaculation.

When stimulated, the Skenes glands (also known as the
“female prostate”) produces a clear ejaculatory fluid that
gets released when a woman has an orgasm.


The A-Spot (sometimes known as the AFE-zone-Anterior Fornix
Erogenous Zone or Epicenter) is a patch of sensitive tissue
at the inner end of the vaginal tube between the cervix and
the bladder.

Unlike the G-spot, which is in the shallow part of the
vaginal depths, the A-spot is found all the way in.
Penetrate using your middle finger, maneuvering up and all
of the way to the back. You’ll find it just in front of her
cervix, where there’ll be either a bit of tenting or
ballooning of the vaginal walls in that area.

Also, unlike the G-spot where the texture is rough, the
texture of the A-spot is smooth.

To stimulate the A-spot, you can use the fingering method
mentioned above, or rear-entry sexual positions, as well as
frontal positions where you can hike her legs up for good,
deep thrusting.

Opening the Lines of Communication

Even if your lover isn’t comfortable telling you what she
wants, where she wants it and for how long, the two of you
have to be close enough and open enough to offer important
feedback and encouragement.
G-spot orgasms are markedly different than other orgasms,
and it’s a good idea to prepare your partner for just how
different it might be. The more you prepare her, the more
relaxed and comfortable she’ll be entering the realm of the
unknown. The first thing you should suggest to your lover
is that she oral pleasure to the bathroom and attempt to

Some of the sensations caused by G-spot stimulation will
make her suddenly feel like she has to urinate. By going a
head and using the bathroom before heading to the bedroom,
you’ll prevent her from worrying about peeing. Otherwise,
she won’t let go completely, and if she can’t let go, she
probably won’t cum.

Even after doing a preliminary bathroom break, she may
still be worried that she’s got to pee. Tell her not to
worry, that’s perfectly normal. Also, be sure to let her
know that it is physiologically impossible for her to pee
when at peak arousal. Coach her that when the urge to
urinate begins to come over her, not to fight that feeling.
Alert her to ride the wave, push through the fear. If she
can make it through, she can get to the reward at the end –
floating and falling, losing herself in your touch, her
body wracked with wave after wave after wave of pleasure.

Other Erogenous Zones

There is much more to your lover’s sexual network than
what’s in between her legs. Her entire body, from the tip
of her toes to the top of her oral pleasure, abounds with
opportunities to pleasure her. Just a few of those
erogenous zones include:

The Neck

Sexy and sensitive, the neck is ideal for, well, necking!
Kissing, nuzzling, suckling and licking, as well as
nibbling and massaging, are great ways to get her in the
mood. But be careful – hickies are tacky. Start slow and
then increase your intensity.

Her Ears

The human ear contains bundles of nerve endings that equate
to increased sensitivity. Capitalize on that by massaging
them, kissing them, tickling them with your breath and
whispering in them to really drive her wild.

Her Lips and Mouth

Once things start heating up, don’t neglect those kisses.
Kiss her, deeply, passionately. Nibble her lips every now
an then. Remembering to make up can really fire up your
erotic playtime.

Her Scalp

Because of the shield of hair that most likely covers your
lovers oral pleasure, the skin of the scalp can be
incredibly sensitive to direct touch. Massage her scalp,
run your fingers through her hair, brush her hair, look for
ways to pleasure her in this manner too.


Aside from being incredibly sexy, breasts are also
incredibly sensitive. There are some women out there who
report being able to achieve orgasm from breast stimulation
alone! Stroking, fondling, kissing, nibbling and tweaking
the breasts and nipples are just a few ways you might want
o give the twins a little extra attention. t

Her Ass

While the anus is sensitive (don’t believe me, try giving
her a rim job!), here I’m talking about the actual flesh on
her bottom. The skin can be highly sensitive, and spanking,
stroking and kissing or gently biting the flesh can really
make her toes curl!

Other erogenous zone areas include:

• Feet and toes
• The small of her back
• Behind her knees
• Collarbones and shoulders
• Her belly – especially the imaginary line that runs
from her bellybutton to her clit.

The Female Orgasm Blueprint

What you’ll learn in this chapter:

• The Orgasm Blue Print…what it is, how it works, and
why you need it
• Changes that happen in a woman during each step of the
female sexual response.

The “Orgasm Blue Print” is the strategy to female orgasms.
It a 4 phase “battle plan” designed to release a woman’s

The blue print is broken down into 4 “Phases”, and 5
distinct “Stages”.

They are:

Phase 1: Seduction
Stage 1: Desire
Phase 2: Sensations
Stage 2: Excitement
Stage 3: Plateau
Phase 3: Surrender
Stage 4: Orgasm
Phase 4: Reflection
Stage 5: Resolution
Now, I have to admit, I can’t take credit for the overall
“outline” of the blue print. This model is based off of
the “Circular Model of Female Sexual Response”, developed
by Dr. Beverly Whipple and Dr. Karen Brash-McGreer.

As you can see from the diagram above, it looks impressive
and informative, but…it lacks the steps to bring about an
orgasm in the first place!

So, what I have done is taken this overall framework, and
added the practical, technical, nitty-gritty instructions
on how to get from one stage to the next (and ultimately an
orgasm). That’s where the sexual techniques come in (as
you’ll soon find out).

Here’s a modified version of the Circular Model of Female
Sexual Response, which I call the “Female Orgasm

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Female orgasam Blueprint

It’s probably a little easier to understand than the first
diagram, but I’m sure you have some questions about it.

First, what I want to do is paint broad strokes and give
you a general overview of each phase and its stages. On
top of that, I’ll show you what happens in a woman’s body
during each of these sections (and knowing this, you’ll
know what stage she’s in, and know if she’s having a real
orgasm or not!)

Following the chapters, we’ll dig deeper in each section,
and I’ll teach you the techniques you’ll be using in each
stage of the blue print.

And finally, once you’ve gone over the details, I’ll
provide you with a step-by-step plan (using this blueprint)
that you can use to give your partner orgasms.

The 4 Phases

Phase 1: Seduction

Believe it or not, the path to female orgasms begins OUT of
the bedroom.

For a woman to have an orgasm, she has to be horny…and to
get horny, she has to have some sexual desire in the first
place…and for her to have sexual desire, she has to be
attracted to you.

And that’s the goal of the “Seduction” phase…is to get your
partner sexual desire up so she’s ready for the next phase.

Stage 1: Desire

Desire is made up of 2 distinct parts: Initial Desire, and
Sexual Desire.

1. Initial Desire (Attraction)

The initial desire is when a woman is attracted to
you. She can be a total stranger you meet at the
mall, and if you two make eye contact, she might be
attracted to you.

Or…she could be your girlfriend or wife, and because
of that, she’s already attracted to you
(unfortunately, this isn’t the case all the time

Now, because of the scope of this book, I’m assuming
that you already have a sexual partner, (or that you
can easily get one) and you’re both ready and willing
to have sex. In other words, you already have someone
who is attracted to you, or you’re someone who can
easily obtain attraction from other women.

Because of this, I’m focusing mainly on sexual desire
(discussed next) and all other things that happen in
the bedroom.

To fully cover the topic of attracting the opposite
sex would take another book!

So, if you’re a lonely, single guy who needs to know
how to attract women (in other words, create that
initial desire)…or…if you’re already in a relationship
but your partner has lost the attraction to you, take
a look below:
2. Sexual Desire

The second stage is Sexual Desire. Sexual desire is
when a woman wants to be with you sexually…in other
words, she’s horny!

And when she’s horny, she’ll be openly receptive to
you touching her in a sexual way. On top of that, her
body will be more responsive to the sexual techniques
you’ll be using.
Phase 2: Sensations

Now that she wants to engage in sexual activities with you,
she’ll be ready for Phase 2: Sensations.

This is a large section that covers 2 distinct stages:
Excitement, and Plateau.

Stage 2: Excitement

During the excitement stage, you’ll be getting her
physically and mentally relaxed (so it’ll be easier for her
to release her orgasm), creating arousal and transition
into building up anticipation and enough sexual tension so
she can have an orgasm.

The “tools” you’ll be using to get her relaxed will be a
massage, and labial massage.

Most of the couples I’ve talked to don’t even consider
relaxation or sexual tension in their love making.

Big mistake.

If you miss these 2 steps, it’s going to be a lot harder
for her to have an orgasm.
What You’ll See During the Excitement Stage:

• Increased heart rate
• Increased breathing rate
• Sex Flush-Her face, breasts, hands, soles of the feet,
and other parts of her body may become more red
(doesn’t happen in all women though)
• Muscle tone increases-she’ll feel more tense


• Nipples become erect
• Slight increase in breast size
• Veins become more visible

• Vagina becomes lubricated
• Upper 2/3 of the vagina expands
• Cervix and uterus pulls up

• Inner lips start to swell and open up
• Outer lips flatten out and spreads outwards
• Clitoris becomes larger and erect

Stage 3: Plateau

The plateau stage is when you make direct stimulation with
her genitals.

You’ll start off slow, and gradually escalate the pace
until she’s reached her peak, and is ready to have an

What You’ll See During the Plateau Stage:

• Further increase in breathing rate and pulse rate

• Breast size increases further
• Areola (the darker circle surrounding the nipple)
swells and becomes darker. It can lead to the
appearance of the nipple flattening out

• Increase lubrication
• Size of the vaginal entrance becomes smaller. It’ll
feel “tight” as you enter her vagina. (But since the
inner 2/3 of her vagina has expanded, it’ll feel like
there’s a huge amount of space in there).

• Clitoris retracts upwards into the body, hiding under
the clitoral hood
• Labia swells even more, becomes thicker and changes to
a darker color

Phase 3: Surrender

Continuing the process, the “Surrender” phase is when a
woman will have an orgasm. Now, I just want to make a note
that because this system is designed to bring about 3
orgasms, we’ll be cycling through the Plateau and Orgasm
stages three times.

Stage 4: Orgasm


The pre-orgasm is the moment right before the orgasm.
You’ll learn what to do and what not to do to make
sure that she’ll successfully have an orgasm.

The Orgasm

The orgasm is when all the sexual tension you’ve built
inside of her is finally released.
hat You’ll See During the Orgasm Stage:

• Sharp increase in heart rate and breathing rate
• Muscles contract throughout the body (including the
pelvic muscles, arms, legs, thighs, back, buttocks,
hands and feet)
• Toes may arch forward
• Panting breaths
• Uncontrollably shaking voice
• Her eyes are closed, nostrils are flared and she’s
unable to speak
• She may make bold, steady eye contract with you just
before she lets go
• She may look a little like she’s spellbound – soft
body, droopy limbs
• Her orgasm will last about 15-20 seconds, and as a
general rule, under one minute.
• She may begin sweating noticeably
• Breasts:
• Same as plateau stage
• Involuntary contractions of the uterus, anus and
vagina (if you have your finger or penis inside of her
vagina, it might feel like her vagina is “pushing”
them out)
• She may ejaculate

Phase 4: Reflection

The last phase of the Orgasm Blueprint is Reflection.

There are 2 important aspects to this phase: one is
psychological (reflection), the other is physical
resolution). (


The Reflection Phase leads back to the Seduction Phase of
the next sexual encounter. In other words, what you do
here will have an impact on the next time you decide to
have sex.

Psychologically, you’ll want to reinforce the pleasure and
satisfaction she just had, so when the cycle loops back
into “Seduction” Phase, she’ll be thinking of you more, be
more attracted to you, and want sex more often!

Stage 5: Resolution

Physically, she’s coming down, and going through a stage of
“Resolution”. This is when the body is physically
returning back to its original state, and she’s coming down
from the orgasm.

What will you see during the Resolution Stage? Basically,
her body will be returning to its normal, un-aroused state,
going through a reversal that has been built up during the
previous stages.

As you can see, these four phases encompass the full
process of the female sexual needs and responses.
In our next chapter, we’ll get into what techniques to use
during each section, and how to properly perform those


The goals of the “Seduction phase” are two-folds:
1. Creating Attraction
2. Creating Sexual Desire

First, I’d want to touch on the importance of creating

Creating Anticipation

Creating the anticipation for sex is an ongoing process.
You should work at it constantly, even outside of the
bedroom. And learning to do it well can mean a whole lot
more sex…

Creating anticipation can begin as soon as you wake up in
the morning – whether or not you live together. It could be
a quick early morning suggestive cuddle, leaving erotic
notes in bound-to-be-found places, or sending kinky emails.
Give her a call and offer a kinky thought for the day.

If you really examine your daily schedule, you’d be
surprised how many opportunities to create anticipation and
desire will come your way. A smart lover knows how to take
full advantage of those options.

I think it’s important to interrupt for a moment to address
those readers out there who are in long-lasting
relationships: don’t think that just because you’ve lived
together, gotten married or even started a family that it’s
“okay” to devote less of your time and attention to this
phase of your lover’s sexual response. It’s a route that
can lead to all sorts of obstacles and road-blocks to a
satisfying sexual intimacy.

Just because the lover in your life may have been sleeping
with you for years (or even decades!) that doesn’t mean
that she’s suddenly lost the need for the flirtations and
sweet temptations that help build sexual tension and
frustration (the good kind!)

The more worked up you’re able to get her BEFORE you head
to the bedroom, the more eager and responsive your lover
will be. Indeed, the longer you’ve been with your partner
(and the more of your crap she’s had to put up with) the
more important it is to be sure you’ve properly covered
this base.

Friday, January 23, 2009

How to Create (Sexual) Attraction

The first step in the Seduction phase is creating

NOTE: Since I’m assuming you already have a partner that
you’re having sex with, I’m not going to dive into the
topic of “how to attract and date women” (you can find a
few helpful websites in my resources section).

But the attraction tips I’m going to share with you can
work on any woman, but is specifically designed for your

How to Use Eye Contact To Create Attraction

The very first thing that draws your partners’ attention to
you is eye contact. Her response to the right kind of eye
contact is automatic: attraction.

The level of attraction can vary from women to women. Eye
contact can simply spark a bit of sexual interest to full
blown sexual desire where she’s physically aroused and
wants to have sex with you.

Generally, making and holding eye contact with someone else
shows that you’re at ease with the other person, and that
you’re not intimidated. When your partner sees that you’re
making and holding eye contact with her, she’s going to
feel that you’re confident about yourself…and…the wheels of
attraction are going to start turning.


• What you want to do is look into her eyes whenever
you’re talking, if she’s walking past you, or whatever
situation is appropriate. (You don’t want to
constantly look into her eyes while the both of you
are watching a movie…that would be weird).
• When you’re holding the eye contact with her, don’t
have a wide-eyed stare (you want to her believe you’re
a confident man, not a creep!).
• Instead, you want to be gazing in to her eyes.
To do this:

1. Open your eyelids so that they’re about 75% open. If
they’re open 100% (i.e. You’ve opened up your eyes as
wide as possible), you’re going to have that scary
looking stare. If they’re open too small, you’re only
going to look tired, or even intoxicated. At the 75%
mark is the right “look”. You’ll have that “seductive
look” that you might see in the movies.

2. Tilt your head downward slightly, so that your chin is
closer to your chest. This slight tilting of the head
will communicate that you’re sexually interested…this
will push her buttons, and she’ll start feeling this
too! (On the other hand, if you tilt your head
upwards instead, you’re expressing that you’re looking
down at her, and she’ll think you’re a cocky bastard.
Don’t do this.)

Here’s a few examples of the seductive eyes look:

3. Try not to blink too much. If you have to, blink very
slowly. If you’re constantly blinking while keeping
eye contact, that’s a sign of nervousness, and she’s
going to feel that “vibe” from you. Once this
happens, the attraction will be lost. No blinking or
slow blinking is a sign of confidence.

4. Lastly, don’t break eye contact until she does!
Subconsciously, she will think that you’re the one in
control of the relationship, and that you are the

How to Create Sexual Desire In the Bedroom

With eye contact, you’re already creating sexual desire in
her mind. In other words, you’ve started to get her to
think of sex.

But I’m going to show you how to increase it even more by
making some small changes in your bedroom.
The way the body responds to the environment (in this case,
the bedroom) can have a huge impact on her level of

Also, the double benefit of the environment we’re going to
create is relaxation. Remember from the keys to success,
if she’s tense and not relaxed, it’s going to be almost
impossible for her to have an orgasm.

There will be a little bit of preparation work for this, so
you want to do this before initiating any physical

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Setting the Stage: Creating an Environment of Desire…

3 main points we’re going to cover: lighting, sound and

1. Lighting

Love making in full light might be appealing to men (and
some women), but for the sake of relaxation (and ultimately
orgasm) the lights must be dim.
This can be accomplished with candles, but I personally
prefer a simple bedside lamp with an incandescent light
bulb (too paranoid something might catch on fire!)
I’ve recently experimented with more fancy lighting
devices, such as lava lamps, plasma lamps, and fiber optic
lamps. They work equally as well (if not better) as a
regular lamp.

2. Music

Sounds and music have a distinct ability to invoke powerful
imagery and emotion. If this is an aspect you’ve overlooked
in the past, you’d be simply amazed at the potential

Work on creating a killer play-list of passionate, sensual
music. I have the best results with ambient, meditative or
natural tunes. Thunderstorms, rainforest rhythms, or even
sounds of ocean waves have vast potential for bringing your
lover to new heights.

3. Scents

Lastly, to add spice to your arousing atmosphere, you’re
going to use fragrances.

This is a powerful (almost evil) secret when used properly…
Pleasurable smells can change a person’s mood almost
instantly (especially when combined with the dim lighting
effects and the right music)

But…here’s the secret: What you want to do here is train
your partner to get sexually excited whenever she smells a
fragrance by associating a particular smell with orgasms.
What you want to do is build a “scent memory” of the
experience. So, the next time she smells that fragrance,
it will bring back memories powerful enough to elicit an
emotional response…and send her libido flying through the

IMPORTANT: Be sure that whatever scent you use, that you
ONLY use it during love making. This way, it will be the
only association she’ll have with the scent.

There are many ways to use scents, but the most popular
ones are:
• Incense
• Candles
• Aroma Jars
• Scented Oils
• Room Spray

What type of scent do you need? At first, anything that’s
not repulsive. If she’s disgusted by the smell, she’s
going to be totally turned off, and her desire may go down
the drain.

You might have to try out a few different scents at first,
but as long as her response is generally neutral, it should
be fine. Remember, we’re trying to “teach” her that
whenever she smells the scent, it means orgasms!

Scents you can try:

• Vanilla
• Patchouli
• Coconut
• Musk
• Jasmine
• Lavender
• Pumpkin pie
• Black licorice

Final Note On Desire:

You can increase her desire for sex if she has a positive
sexual experience with you earlier. In other words, if she
had an orgasm with you previously, then she’ll want to
participate in sexual activities with you more!

On the other hand, her desire can decrease if she has a
negative sexual experience with you. She’ll want to have
sex with you less if this happens. You may have already
experienced this already (which maybe why you’ve invested
in this book in the first place).

So, essentially what you want to do after you have sex is
reinforce the positive sexual experience she just had,
increasing her desire for sex in the future. We’ll cover
the topic in an upcoming chapter.


The trick to helping your lover release her orgasm under
your control is to first get her in a state of total
relaxation. In essence, you’ve got to help her unwind.

Before you want to set about increasing sexual tension, you
need to first eliminate any stress. This will free your
partner to focus her attention on the pleasure you’re
bringing her instead of the report her boss needs on Friday
or the dentist’s appointment scheduled for tomorrow

Relaxation is great, but it’s a somewhat slippery slope.
Get her too relaxed and she’s likely to fall asleep. Don’t
relax her enough and her mind will wander and her attention
will stray. That’s why it’s a great idea to find ways to
relax that will also ignite her passions. One of the best
avenues to accomplish this is the art of massage.

The massage will be broken down into 2 sections: Massage
and the Labial Massage.

One of the number one mistakes that many men make when it
comes to their dedication to the idea of “giving” their
woman an orgasm is neglecting to get her fully relaxed.

This likely stems from the fact that we tend to assume that
women operate from the one-track focus that we do.

Obviously, we don’t require a state of tranquility to get
off. Hell, in times of intense stress, our partners can
merely start rubbing our penis and in a matter of minutes,
we’re ready to blow.

And even if you are paired with a partner who doesn’t
“require” the euphoric state of relaxation, that doesn’t
mean that the results won’t make the walls rattle! Even the
toughest of lovers will become INCREDIBLY aroused with the
teasing tactics I’m about to reveal…

The Stages of Relaxation

Women (or men either, for that matter) don’t instantly go
from a state of high anxiety to one of total relaxation.
It’s a process. And just like so many other processes,
there are particular steps and phases that need to be

Stage 1: Physical Relaxation

To bring the physical body into a state of relaxation, a
combination of deep breathing and massage can begin to chip
away at the multiple stresses that we accumulate on a day-
to-day basis. Physical relaxation is the first step, and it
is important. But there’s more to total relaxation than
merely relieving muscular tensions…

Stage 2: Relaxing our “Energy System”

Whether you call it an aura, a force field, or our natural
electricity, each of us runs off a subtle energy network
that fuels both our bodies and our minds. Many alternative
therapies have reported supporting claims that a great deal
of all of our physical ailments stem from disturbances in
our personal energy networks.

You’ll know you’re progressing well through these steps
when your lover begins to sense heaviness spreading through
her limbs and then the rest of her body. In this stage,
help your lover concentrate on her breathing. Have her
imagine peace and tranquility flooding in with each inhale
and stress and tension escaping on the exhale…

Stage 3: Relaxation of the Mind and the Senses

Once you’ve cleared stage two, you want to begin working on
your lover’s mental and emotional stress. This can be
accomplished through touch and communication.

During this stage, your lover may notice a feeling of
lightness – maybe even to the point that she feels as
though she’s floating. On closer inspection, you’ll
probably notice that the length of each exhale has grown
longer…These signs mean you’ve reached a point of deep
Yoga practitioners include an additional two stages of
relaxation, but these are aimed more at joining the
Universal Consciousness than sexual satisfaction…

Massage: Immediate Goals…

First of all, remember not to focus on the ends, but
instead the means to get there. In this case, don’t focus
too much on the orgasm (or even total relaxation, for that
matter) but totally immerse yourself in the immediate
pleasure of the moment.

That doesn’t mean though that there aren’t any specifics
that you should follow. Here are a few suggestions to help
you get the most out of the moment…

• Endeavor to get her to the state of both mental and
physical relaxation, and start out by giving her a
soothing, calming non-erotic massage
• Aim to release tension so that the orgasm is easier to
• Don’t forget the lighting, music, and scents mentioned
in the last chapter. Remember that if you create a
relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, it will be easier
for her to become relaxed.

The 3 Step Formula For Relaxation

The formula for relaxation that I always use is covered in
3 steps:

Step 1: Set the Stage

How to create a relaxation environment in your bedroom was
covered in the last chapter, so there’s no need to go over
it again.

But, what you want to do is bring her into the bedroom for
only a few moments…and then…take her out of the room!

You’ll be building the anticipation for sex in her mind,
and she’ll start getting aroused.

Where are you going to take her next? See Step 2.
Step 2: Shower (or Bath)

You’re both going to take a shower or a bath together.
Personally I like a shower best, because it’s faster than a
bath and you can move into massaging quicker. Sometimes I
opt for a bath instead, but it really depends on how much
stress I sense my partner is in. If she’s not too stressed
out, and is already excited for sex, I’ll go for the
shower. If she had a long and stressful day, I’ll set up a

The goal here is two folds:

1) Relaxation – there’s nothing like a hot shower to
get the both of you started in a state of relaxation.
Also, the shower (or bath) acts as a transition period
from the regular routines of everyday life to love

Try not to rush the shower or the bath. You want to
take it slow and enjoy each others’ company while
you’re in there.

2) Cleanliness - obviously, showering will eliminate
sweat, dirt and odors from both of your bodies.

But what amazes me is how often people engage in
sexual activities without cleaning up first!

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to
see is toilet paper bits on her anus while I’m about
to eat her out. Or taste and/or smell urine residue
on her vagina. Yuck.

Also, if you’re doing this in the evening, she
probably went to the toilet a few times during the
day. And if you know anything about sitting on the
can, sometimes, some of that toilet water splashes
up…and…well, you get the idea.

Clean before you fuck is my motto!
Step 3: Massage

Now, once you’ve cleaned up, head back into the bedroom.
She’s ready for the massage.

Note: Lay down a large towel on the bed before you start.
You’ll be using oil during the massage (you can use grape
seed oil, baby oil, or specialty massage oils), and you
don’t want to get it on your bed sheets.

Also, later on when you’re fingering her and having sex,
she might ejaculate, so it’s a good idea to have a towel
covering the bed sheets right away.

If you have no idea about how to give a massage, don’t
worry about it. I’ll take you through each step as we go

Also, you don’t have to be a professional masseuse to give
a relaxing massage. With the basic massage techniques
you’ll learn, and, more importantly, the sequence of where
to massage, you’ll get her relaxed and sexually aroused
even if you’ve never given a massage in your life!

How to Give A Massage

First, a few pointers:

• When massaging, feel for any knots. They’ll feel like
a lump in the muscle. These are areas of tension, and
you’ll want to “smooth” them out.
• When massaging, always maintain contact with her body
with your hands.
• Keep a slow, rhythmic, steady pace.
• Tell her to breathe slowly, but inhaling through her
nose, and exhaling through her mouth. Also, tell her
to focus on her breathing. If she focuses her
attention only on breathing, it will make her forget
about the stressful things in life, let go of her
anxieties, making it easier for her to relax (and come
to an orgasm later on).
• The general rule for massaging is to massage toward
the direction of the heart
• Ideally your partner should experience your massage as
one long series of rhythmic strokes.
• Basic Massage Strokes
1. Gliding:

Keep your fingers together and glide your hands along the
length of her body or limb. The pressure can range from
feather-light, to firm.

2. Kneading:

Gently grasp the area with both hands and make a kneading
action similar to that of kneading dough. This is a firm
stroke used on a specific area to help release muscle

3. Friction Strokes:

Whenever you come across a knot, you want to use this
stroke. Using your thumbs or fingertips, make small
circular movements (slowly) and apply firm pressure.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How And Where To Massage: The Steps

Ok, with the massage, first she’ll be sitting upright, and
you’ll be massaging her scalp. She could be sitting on
your lap, or in between your legs. You’ll be sitting
behind her at this point.

Step 1: Scalp Massage

Start with the scalp, curling your fingers of both hands
and using the pads of your fingertips to make small,
soothing circular motions. Break contact with the scalp
occasionally to run your fingers sensuously through her

Step 2: Ear Lobes

Now, move to her earlobes, gently massaging the sensitive
flesh with the tips of your thumbs and first finger. Once
you’ve finished with her ears, gather her hair up into a
bed-head bunch, trying to keep strands of hair off the neck
and shoulders, where you’ll be using your massage oil.

Step 3: Neck and Shoulders

Now, have her lay down on her stomach.
When massaging the neck and shoulders, you should use a
firm, kneading grip, applying more noticeable levels of

Start with the neck, then traps (the muscle between the
neck and shoulders) and then the shoulders. As you begin
to notice that the tension is draining from her neck and
shoulders, you can begin to work her back.

Step 4: Back

For the back, you should begin with plenty of oil, which
you should soothe into her skin with gentle, gliding

Once her skin is well lubed, you can begin the firm,
kneading pressure. Begin from the top of her back, and
work your way toward her lower back.

Step 5: Ass Tease

From her lower back, switch to the gliding stroke and
lightly go over her buttocks. Each hand should be placed
on a separate “butt cheek”.

Now, position yourself so you can see her vagina (remember
to maintain contact with her body during the massage!). At
this point, she should be pretty wet.

Make one or two large circles with the palm of your hands,
firm enough to spread her cheeks…then…slowly glide your
hands towards the inside of her thighs (narrowly missing
contact with her genitals), and move to the back of her
legs, down her calves, and finally toward her toes.

She should be getting pretty excited by now!

Step 6: Foot massage

Gently knead the meaty area between her heals and the balls
of her feet. Start from the area closest to the toes, and
work towards the heel.

Step 7: Back of the Legs

Before moving on to the back of the knees and calves, look
for subtle yet noticeable strokes and brushes across her

perineum or labia to build a feverish anticipation for the
devoted attention of your mouth, tongue, fingers and hands.

When massaging the legs, work both of them simultaneously.
Use your massage oil liberally. When attending to the back
of the knees, use soft, light feathery strokes, but not
quite to the point of a tickle. She should be pleasantly
uncomfortable (a little squirmy, perhaps) but not rolling
around laughing her heart out.

Apply a bit more pressure on the calves…they’re using a
source of tension (especially if she’s standing or walking
all day long).

Knead the back of the legs, starting from the calves, and
slowly work your way back up toward the buttocks.

Step 8: Buttocks

You’ve already gazed her butt, and by now she’s probably
wanting you to touch it.

Grab the oil, and slowly drizzle a bit of the oil all
across her ass cheeks, letting drops slip down the crack of
her ass, and sliding down onto her thighs. Watch the slight
shudder that follows your teasing attentions…

Begin with gentle strokes, using the whole surface of your
palm – fingers splayed, with heavier pressure on the heel
of the hand versus the tips. Then begin gently, though more
insistently, squeezing her bottom. If she responds well to
this firmer pressure, you can use your knuckles – of your
balled fist – for the kneading.

Next, have her turn over and lay on her back.

Once she’s on her back, position your self to her side and
ave your fingers and pointing towards her feet. h

Step 9: Top of the Chest

Grip the chest muscles by placing your fingers into her
armpit, and your thumbs on the top of her chest. With a
slow circular motion of your thumbs, massage the chest.
You’ll want to move from the area just under her collar
bone, and work your way down
tep 10: Breasts

From here, you’ll continue to stroke and tease her breasts,
saving her nipples for last. By the time you get there to
kiss, lick, pinch or stroke her nipples, they’ll already be
rigid with desire – and highly sensitive. You’ll notice
that as you kiss, lick and stroke her breasts and nipples,
her back will arch up, in hope of more. You may also notice
that she’s reaching down to touch herself – don’t let her
do it!

Step 11: Belly

From the breasts, glide your hands toward her belly.
Using the whole surface of your hand to rub up and down her
abdomen, using medium to light-pressured strokes. Then,
place your hands so that both of your thumbs are facing the
center of the abdomen, rubbing upwards towards the ribcage,
following with your cupped hands massaging up to the under-
side of her breasts.

Step 12: Glide Down, and Back Up

Now, slowly glide your hands down toward her mons pubis, go
around her pubic hair, towards her inner thighs, and go all
the way down toward her feet in one smooth motion.
You want to go past her genitals in order to tease her
more, and build more anticipation.

Glide back up (you can add in some kneading strokes while
you’re going up the legs, but I usually skip this) until
your hands are on her inner thighs again.

At this point, your inside of your hands should be on
either side of her labia.
Back Massage

Front Massage

Labial Massage

Once you’re here, she should be:

1. Sexually excited, her vagina should be pretty wet
because of the “teasing” you’ve used during the
2. Physically and mentally relaxed.
Labia Massage

Again, just like massaging her body, you’re feeling for
knots. This time, it’s going to feel like there’s a small
piece of rice embedded under her skin. These are tiny
tension spots, and you’ll want to massage them out.
Step 1: Massage

Your hands should be on either side of her outer labia
(outer lips). Your thumbs should be on top of her mons
pubis (above her vagina), and your fingers should be
pointing downward to the ground.

Gently massage this area like you were massaging someone
back of someone’s neck with both hands.

Start with your fingers at either side of her vaginal
opening, and work your way towards the top (but make sure
you don’t make contact with her inner lips! Only her outer

Tip: Indirect Clitoral Stimulation with the Labial Massage
As you massage her labia with both hands, what you can do
is grasp the fatty tissue of her labia in between the index
fingers and thumbs, and squeeze this fat together so it
“pinches” the clitoris. (Don’t do this too hard! You don’t
want to make it painful on her).

In the “pinched” position, move your hands down, and then
back up, so in essence, you’re stroking her clitoris with
her labia.

Step 2: Mons Pubis

Use your thumbs or finger tips and gently massage the area
(remember to look for any small knots). You’ll feel her
pubic bone. Work on top of it, and just above the pubic


Now, the massage is done! This massage process should take
you anywhere from 10-20 minutes. There really isn’t a hard
and fast rule for the amount of time you need to spend on
each step of the massage. It really depends on her level
of stress.

Basically, you want to make she she’s relaxed, you’ve
worked out any knots, and that she’s really turned on.

Again, at this point, she’s:

1. Super aroused
2. Super relaxed
3. Ready (and probably begging) you to touch her

That’s where we’ll move onto next.


Ok, now we’re going to get right into direct genital
stimulation. But first, read the following before you

“3 Before Me” Rule

The 3 Before Me rule basically says that you want to make
sure she has 3 orgasms before she starts pleasing you. Why

• Most women don’t have an orgasm from intercourse (at
least not right away). So what we’ll be doing is
“setting her up” so that once you do have intercourse,
it’ll be easier for her to orgasm. And even if she
doesn’t have an orgasm from intercourse, because she’s
already experienced 3 of them previously, she’ll still
be satisfied!
• Reciprocation Principal-generally, this means that if
you do something generous for someone, they’ll feel
obligated to do something generous for you. In this
case, you’re giving your partner the gift of female
orgasms, and she’ll want to return the favor. What
she reciprocates varies, but you’ll find that once
it’s her turn to start sexually stimulating you, it’s
going to be GOOD.
• You’ll probably be the only guy (ever!) in her life to
give her 3 orgasms in one night. That will make you
extra special in her mind! She’ll absolutely love you
for it, and…she might even brag to her friends about
• Once she has 3 orgasms, it really doesn’t matter if
you can’t last long while having sex. She’s really
not going to care if you orgasm too fast…I mean heck,
she just had 3 of them.
• Make a note that this is really a loose rule. It
doesn’t have to be 3 all the time; it could be 1, 5,
or even 30. But the general principal applies: you
want to please her FIRST before she pleases you.

The 3 orgasms are going to flow through the sequence of:

1. Clitoral Orgasm
2. G-spot Orgasm, and finally
3. Blended Orgasms

It’s important that you always start off with the clitoral
orgasm. The clitoris is very sensitive, and at first, it’s
going to be the most responsive (and easiest part of the
body to bring a woman to an orgasm). Also, stimulating the
clitoris first actually “primes” the other
words, the G-spot will be more responsive and easier to
find after clitoral stimulation.

Once she has an orgasm from clitoral stimulation, you’ll
move on to stimulating the G-spot (and giving the clitoral
head a “break”). At this point, her orgasm should come
faster than the first one. Also, the “feel” of the G-spot
orgasm will feel different to her than a clitoral orgasm.
It’ll feel deeper, and there will be more involuntary

Lastly, the blended orgasm, you’ll be targeting both the
clitoral head AND G-spot. This will be the most intense of
the orgasms…and…if she didn’t ejaculate from G-spot
stimulation, she might here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clitoral Orgasms

Remember at this point after you’ve massaged your partner,
she’s pretty aroused, and her clitoris might be erect by
now. From here, we’ll move onto oral sex.

By far, the best tool to stimulate the clitoris is the
tongue. But, you’re not going to feverishly lick her
clitoris right away…you’ll go through a series of steps
designed to intensify the pleasure once you focus on her

Also, you’ll be using a little known technique that will
let you use your fingers as a sort of “thermometer” to
figure out exactly if you’re licking the right spot to
bring her to an orgasm.

The Right Position For Oral Sex

Before we begin, you have to be in the right position for
oral sex.
There are many different ways that you can choose to enter
into oral sex with your partner, but it really helps to
know which are worth the effort. When it comes to getting
yourself positioned, you need to be able to comfortably
apply consistent, rhythmic pressure over an often extended
period of time. She, on the other hand, has to be
positioned so that she’s able to relax into her arousal.
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that more of us men
don’t go down on our lovers as often as they might like
results from the physical strain and pain that stems from
entering into oral sex from the wrong position.
Her Body:
• Flat on her back (not arched)
• Legs spread a comfortable distance apart (but not too
wide-it’ll be easier for her to use her pelvic
• Legs bent at the knees
• Her vulva and labia should be pointed upwards, at an
angle, towards your mouth
• She should be completely at ease and relaxed, with
nothing to do but focus on the physical and mental
pleasure you’re about to bring her.

Your Body:
• Position your body so that it is in a straight line
with her body
• Your nose should be lightly buried in her mons
• Upper lip resting on the front edge of her pubic bone
• Your upper lip should be above her clitoral head
• Tongue should be able to rest on the vaginal entrance

Once you’re both in this position, you should be able look
at each other in the eyes while you’re performing oral sex
on her.
If you’re finding that your neck is straining in this
position, what you can do is place a pillow underneath her
buttocks. This will elevate her pelvis, bringing her vulva
closer to you. You won’t have to bend your head back as
much, taking off the strain from your neck.

I used to use a pillow all the time, but I found that a
pillow becomes ineffective and a pain-in-the-ass after a
while because it compresses, I had to constantly buy new
pillows because they were soaked from her ejaculations, and
typically found myself without a pillow at night!

Now I use a Liberator, and I only use it during sex. It’s
ultra durable, holds its shape, and is an overall great
investment, not only for oral sex, but for optimizing the
angles of penetration during sex. Check it out here.

Now that you’re both in position, let’s get started.

Step 1: First Contact

You want to make the first lick to be a memorable one. The
Setup will build more sexual tension and anticipation for
your first lick, and it’ll leave her wanting more.

The Setup

1. Perform a series of kisses on her left outer lip, from
top to bottom. Take it slow, and don’t rush!
2. Next, do the same thing on the right side
3. Perform a series of kisses on her left inner lip, from
top to bottom.
4. Next, do the same thing on the right side
5. Take about 1 second per kiss, and try to cover the
entire area with your kisses (in other words, you
don’t want to kiss at the top, leave a huge gap, and
kiss the bottom of the lip)

The Long Lick

1. Place your tongue on her frenulum (the base of her
2. VERY SLOWLY, lick upwards, running past her vaginal
opening, and inner lips
3. As you past the clitoral head, lighten up the pressure
from your tongue.
4. Keep on going up until your tongue is directly over
her clitoral hood. You should feel her clitoral shaft
underneath the hood with your tongue at this point.
Apply more pressure on the shaft, and slowly move your
tongue from the left side to the right side of her
clitoral hood…slight stimulation, but you’re going to
take it away
5. Now move your tongue downwards towards the base.
6. After you’ve reached the frenulum, let your tongue
rest upon the entire length of her vaginal entrance
and vulva.

Key point to remember:

• Don’t rush this! Think of your tongue as a snail,
moving super slow across her vulva.
• The timing you want to aim for is about 10 seconds up,
2 seconds pause on her clitoral hood, and then 10
seconds down.
• Tip: as you’re licking, count 10s-2s-10s in your head!
Step 2: Establishing Rhythm

During this step you’ll work with 3 licking patterns.

Pattern 1: Lick-Rest Cycle
1. Starting with your tongue on the base of her vaginal
entrance, slowly lick up until you’ve passed the
clitoral head and are on top of the clitoral hood,
then lick downwards to the starting position. It
should take 5 seconds to complete a full lick.
2. With a flat, still tongue, let it rest on her vulva
for 5 seconds.
3. Repeat these steps 20 times.

Pattern 2: 5 Half-way Licks, 1 Full Lick Cycle

1. Lick up half-way, and then lick back down. You won’t
be going over the clitoris during this lick. Repeat 5
2. Add in one full lick, going over the clitoris.
3. Repeat these steps 20 times

Pattern 3: Random Half-way and Full Licks
This time, your tongue is going to go over the clitoral
head randomly. This will drive her crazy, because your
licking “pattern” should be unpredictable!
When you’re at this pattern, be playful, and really focus
on teasing her clitoris.
1. Lick up half-way, and then lick back down. Repeat
anywhere from 1-10 times
2. Add in one full lick, going over the clitoris.
3. Repeat these steps 20 times
Ok, by now her clitoral head should be hard and erect.
With all of the teasing you’ve been giving her has built up
enough tension to release her orgasm, and she’ll be ready
for the next step.

Step 3: Secret Twitch Method

This method will help you figure out what the exact
location, speed, and pressure your woman will like best.
Once you find the optimal location, speed and pressure,
you’ll maintain that until she has an orgasm!

As I mentioned earlier, women have involuntary contractions
when they orgasm, but what you want to look for is the
contractions in the vagina. You’ll be using your fingers
to feel for these contractions.

You’ll “calibrate” one indicator at a time, starting with:
• the best location on her clitoris, then
• the optimal pressure of your tongue, and finally
• the right licking speed


1. Lick one or two of your fingers (index, or index
and middle fingers) to lubricate them.

2. Slowly insert your finger(s) into her vagina,
about 2-3 inches in, with your palms facing up.
3. Find the G-Spot. It will be on the ceiling of her
vagina, and it’ll have a bumpy texture to it. Once
you find it, just leave the pad of your fingers “on
the button”. Don’t stimulate this area (yet)

Ok, now that your fingers are in there, what you want to do
is feel for any contractions in her vagina. It will feel
like her vagina is squeezing your fingers momentarily.
Sometimes the squeeze is soft and barely noticeable…so
you’ll have really pay attention.

4. With your tongue, slowly lick around, on top, to
the side of her clitoris. What you’re trying to do
here is to find a “spot” that makes her vagina

5. Once you found the spot, apply different pressures
with your tongue. You want to find the best pressure
that will cause her vagina to squeeze.

6. Lastly, apply different licking speeds on that
spot, using the same pressure.

7. When you’ve found all of those, hold steady!
Don’t change locations, pressures or speed (even if
she says so). Maintain what you’re doing, no matter

8. When she's nearing orgasm her vaginal muscles will
start to clench hard around your fingers, and it will
hold its’ grip longer

9. Keep a steady pace, rhythm and pressure - under no
circumstances change what you're doing, or you run the
risk of having to start from scratch!

10. Right before she has an orgasm, she’ll squirm and
want to move around…but…your job is to maintain what
you’re doing until her orgasm is complete!

11. Orgasm #1!

Once she has a clitoral orgasm, we’re going to transition
into G-Spot orgasms.

Monday, January 19, 2009

G-Spot Orgasms

At this point, your fingers should still be inserted into
her vagina, and the pads of your fingers sitting still on
her G-Spot. As you just begin stimulating the g-spot, it’s
a good idea to start out with slower, lighter strokes, and
gradually crank up the speed and pressure.

First, transition into the right position:

Her Position:

Have her raise her legs so that her knees are closer to her
chest. She can hold her thighs with her hands.

Your Position:

You want to change your position from laying on your
stomach with your head in-between her legs, to an upright
position where you’re on one knee.


For more intimacy and an opportunity to kiss, you can lie
beside her while stimulating her G-spot.


You’ll see that the way G-Spot fingering works is like a
rollercoaster. You’ll start off slow and light, increase
the speed and pressure…then…switch the technique and repeat
the process again.

By doing this, you’re building up further anticipation and
sexual tension for the orgasm. On top of that, it’ll be
easier on your fingers, wrists and forearms too! Fingering
and pumping away at the G-spot can become very tiring on
your arms, so switching intensities allow you to let your
muscles rest.

We’ll cover 4 basic techniques here. Once you’ve mastered
these, you can “plug and play” some of the more advance
techniques listed in the advance fingering report. Just
remember whatever technique you use, that you start off
slow and light and gradually build up the intensity.
Step 1. Forward and Backwards Stroke

• Slowly rub the G-spot in a forward and backwards
motion with the pad of your finger(s).
• Aim for: 100 slow/light strokes, 100 medium strokes,
and 100 fast/hard strokes

Step 2. Circles

• Now, begin to rub very lightly, tracing small, light
• Aim for: 100 slow/light strokes, 100 medium strokes,
and 100 fast/hard strokes

Step 3. Come Hither

You can do this using either one, two, or even (if she’s
ready for it…) three fingers.
• Start making the motion similar to telling someone to
“come here”. The pads of your fingers should be run
across her G-spot with each stroke. (be careful not
to dig your nails into the ceiling of her vaginal
walls-you want to “rub” not “scratch”!)
• Aim for: 100 slow/light strokes, 100 medium strokes,
and 100 fast/hard strokes

Step 4: Tapping

• Finally, you’re going to add a quick “up-and-down”
motion with your hands while performing the come
hither stroke at the same time.
• As you’re doing this, you’ll be “pumping” your arms up
and down, and in effect her body will start bouncing
up and down as well.
• Place your free hand just above her pubic bone, and
push down so she doesn’t bounce up too much.
• Aim for: 100 slow/light strokes, 100 medium strokes,
and 100 fast/hard strokes
• This time, if you need to, if she still hasn’t
climaxed, go back to the slow strokes and build up the
speed and pressure again.