Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to Give A Massage

First, a few pointers:

• When massaging, feel for any knots. They’ll feel like
a lump in the muscle. These are areas of tension, and
you’ll want to “smooth” them out.
• When massaging, always maintain contact with her body
with your hands.
• Keep a slow, rhythmic, steady pace.
• Tell her to breathe slowly, but inhaling through her
nose, and exhaling through her mouth. Also, tell her
to focus on her breathing. If she focuses her
attention only on breathing, it will make her forget
about the stressful things in life, let go of her
anxieties, making it easier for her to relax (and come
to an orgasm later on).
• The general rule for massaging is to massage toward
the direction of the heart
• Ideally your partner should experience your massage as
one long series of rhythmic strokes.
• Basic Massage Strokes
1. Gliding:

Keep your fingers together and glide your hands along the
length of her body or limb. The pressure can range from
feather-light, to firm.

2. Kneading:

Gently grasp the area with both hands and make a kneading
action similar to that of kneading dough. This is a firm
stroke used on a specific area to help release muscle

3. Friction Strokes:

Whenever you come across a knot, you want to use this
stroke. Using your thumbs or fingertips, make small
circular movements (slowly) and apply firm pressure.

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