Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Oxytocin Factor

Oxytocin is one of many chemicals that play a significant
role in orgasm and sexual response. It’s a hormone that is
secreted by the pituitary gland and cases muscle
contractions and sensitizes the nerves. While oxytocin
plays a part in our orgasms too, it’s believed that it’s
even more important in a woman’s sexual pleasure.

Not only does this hormone play a large part in the
contractions that wrack a woman’s womb and vaginal walls
when she cums, research has shown that increased oxytocin
production in a woman contributes to more powerful, intense

Oxytocin also plays an important part of a woman’s
emotional state and stimulates emotional pleasure and
feelings of intimacy. It’s often referred to as the
“cuddling hormone” because it’s this chemical that
initiates feelings of connection, bonding and intimacy with
your lover.
Stronger orgasms and emotional fulfillment – it’s no
surprise why this chemical hormone is so vital to a woman’s
healthy sexual response!

In later chapters you’ll discover exactly how to release
this chemical to make her feel more connected to you, and
want to have sex with you more often.

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