Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tips for the Woman in Your Life

Now I’d like to take a few moments to address the special
woman in your life. You can invite her over to the screen,
print out the page and tuck it into her briefcase or bring
it up in your next sexual conversation…

1. Allow yourself to let go. Don’t feel selfish or
sluttish; distracted or unworthy. Don’t tame or subdue
yourself. Don’t hold anything back!

2. Don’t feel afraid to get a little verbal. Quit biting
your tongue or holding your breath. Let go and moan,
groan or sigh if you want to. Don’t force it or get
too theatrical, but the man in your life will love to
hear the sounds of your pleasure escaping your lips.

3. If you find yourself constantly stressing over hygiene
issues like scent or taste or cleanliness, try
incorporating a bath or shower early on in your
schedule to prepare and improve your comfort level.
Even better if you can invite him to join you!

4. Strive to gain greater comfort with your body and what
turns you on. Take initiative to learn what really
drives you insane with desire and then learn to
communicate those hot buttons to the man in your bed.
What do you fantasize about? What really turns you on?

5. Learn to believe your lover when he tells you he loves
to pleasure you and make you cum – he means it! And
he’s also telling you the truth when he swears up and
down that he loves to eat your pussy! There are few
things in this world that will give a man a sense of
accomplishment or satisfaction than making the woman
he cares about cum…

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