Thursday, January 22, 2009

Setting the Stage: Creating an Environment of Desire…

3 main points we’re going to cover: lighting, sound and

1. Lighting

Love making in full light might be appealing to men (and
some women), but for the sake of relaxation (and ultimately
orgasm) the lights must be dim.
This can be accomplished with candles, but I personally
prefer a simple bedside lamp with an incandescent light
bulb (too paranoid something might catch on fire!)
I’ve recently experimented with more fancy lighting
devices, such as lava lamps, plasma lamps, and fiber optic
lamps. They work equally as well (if not better) as a
regular lamp.

2. Music

Sounds and music have a distinct ability to invoke powerful
imagery and emotion. If this is an aspect you’ve overlooked
in the past, you’d be simply amazed at the potential

Work on creating a killer play-list of passionate, sensual
music. I have the best results with ambient, meditative or
natural tunes. Thunderstorms, rainforest rhythms, or even
sounds of ocean waves have vast potential for bringing your
lover to new heights.

3. Scents

Lastly, to add spice to your arousing atmosphere, you’re
going to use fragrances.

This is a powerful (almost evil) secret when used properly…
Pleasurable smells can change a person’s mood almost
instantly (especially when combined with the dim lighting
effects and the right music)

But…here’s the secret: What you want to do here is train
your partner to get sexually excited whenever she smells a
fragrance by associating a particular smell with orgasms.
What you want to do is build a “scent memory” of the
experience. So, the next time she smells that fragrance,
it will bring back memories powerful enough to elicit an
emotional response…and send her libido flying through the

IMPORTANT: Be sure that whatever scent you use, that you
ONLY use it during love making. This way, it will be the
only association she’ll have with the scent.

There are many ways to use scents, but the most popular
ones are:
• Incense
• Candles
• Aroma Jars
• Scented Oils
• Room Spray

What type of scent do you need? At first, anything that’s
not repulsive. If she’s disgusted by the smell, she’s
going to be totally turned off, and her desire may go down
the drain.

You might have to try out a few different scents at first,
but as long as her response is generally neutral, it should
be fine. Remember, we’re trying to “teach” her that
whenever she smells the scent, it means orgasms!

Scents you can try:

• Vanilla
• Patchouli
• Coconut
• Musk
• Jasmine
• Lavender
• Pumpkin pie
• Black licorice

Final Note On Desire:

You can increase her desire for sex if she has a positive
sexual experience with you earlier. In other words, if she
had an orgasm with you previously, then she’ll want to
participate in sexual activities with you more!

On the other hand, her desire can decrease if she has a
negative sexual experience with you. She’ll want to have
sex with you less if this happens. You may have already
experienced this already (which maybe why you’ve invested
in this book in the first place).

So, essentially what you want to do after you have sex is
reinforce the positive sexual experience she just had,
increasing her desire for sex in the future. We’ll cover
the topic in an upcoming chapter.

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