Saturday, January 24, 2009

Creating Anticipation

Creating the anticipation for sex is an ongoing process.
You should work at it constantly, even outside of the
bedroom. And learning to do it well can mean a whole lot
more sex…

Creating anticipation can begin as soon as you wake up in
the morning – whether or not you live together. It could be
a quick early morning suggestive cuddle, leaving erotic
notes in bound-to-be-found places, or sending kinky emails.
Give her a call and offer a kinky thought for the day.

If you really examine your daily schedule, you’d be
surprised how many opportunities to create anticipation and
desire will come your way. A smart lover knows how to take
full advantage of those options.

I think it’s important to interrupt for a moment to address
those readers out there who are in long-lasting
relationships: don’t think that just because you’ve lived
together, gotten married or even started a family that it’s
“okay” to devote less of your time and attention to this
phase of your lover’s sexual response. It’s a route that
can lead to all sorts of obstacles and road-blocks to a
satisfying sexual intimacy.

Just because the lover in your life may have been sleeping
with you for years (or even decades!) that doesn’t mean
that she’s suddenly lost the need for the flirtations and
sweet temptations that help build sexual tension and
frustration (the good kind!)

The more worked up you’re able to get her BEFORE you head
to the bedroom, the more eager and responsive your lover
will be. Indeed, the longer you’ve been with your partner
(and the more of your crap she’s had to put up with) the
more important it is to be sure you’ve properly covered
this base.

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