Sunday, January 25, 2009

Other Erogenous Zones

There is much more to your lover’s sexual network than
what’s in between her legs. Her entire body, from the tip
of her toes to the top of her oral pleasure, abounds with
opportunities to pleasure her. Just a few of those
erogenous zones include:

The Neck

Sexy and sensitive, the neck is ideal for, well, necking!
Kissing, nuzzling, suckling and licking, as well as
nibbling and massaging, are great ways to get her in the
mood. But be careful – hickies are tacky. Start slow and
then increase your intensity.

Her Ears

The human ear contains bundles of nerve endings that equate
to increased sensitivity. Capitalize on that by massaging
them, kissing them, tickling them with your breath and
whispering in them to really drive her wild.

Her Lips and Mouth

Once things start heating up, don’t neglect those kisses.
Kiss her, deeply, passionately. Nibble her lips every now
an then. Remembering to make up can really fire up your
erotic playtime.

Her Scalp

Because of the shield of hair that most likely covers your
lovers oral pleasure, the skin of the scalp can be
incredibly sensitive to direct touch. Massage her scalp,
run your fingers through her hair, brush her hair, look for
ways to pleasure her in this manner too.


Aside from being incredibly sexy, breasts are also
incredibly sensitive. There are some women out there who
report being able to achieve orgasm from breast stimulation
alone! Stroking, fondling, kissing, nibbling and tweaking
the breasts and nipples are just a few ways you might want
o give the twins a little extra attention. t

Her Ass

While the anus is sensitive (don’t believe me, try giving
her a rim job!), here I’m talking about the actual flesh on
her bottom. The skin can be highly sensitive, and spanking,
stroking and kissing or gently biting the flesh can really
make her toes curl!

Other erogenous zone areas include:

• Feet and toes
• The small of her back
• Behind her knees
• Collarbones and shoulders
• Her belly – especially the imaginary line that runs
from her bellybutton to her clit.

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