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The 4 Phases

Phase 1: Seduction

Believe it or not, the path to female orgasms begins OUT of
the bedroom.

For a woman to have an orgasm, she has to be horny…and to
get horny, she has to have some sexual desire in the first
place…and for her to have sexual desire, she has to be
attracted to you.

And that’s the goal of the “Seduction” phase…is to get your
partner sexual desire up so she’s ready for the next phase.

Stage 1: Desire

Desire is made up of 2 distinct parts: Initial Desire, and
Sexual Desire.

1. Initial Desire (Attraction)

The initial desire is when a woman is attracted to
you. She can be a total stranger you meet at the
mall, and if you two make eye contact, she might be
attracted to you.

Or…she could be your girlfriend or wife, and because
of that, she’s already attracted to you
(unfortunately, this isn’t the case all the time

Now, because of the scope of this book, I’m assuming
that you already have a sexual partner, (or that you
can easily get one) and you’re both ready and willing
to have sex. In other words, you already have someone
who is attracted to you, or you’re someone who can
easily obtain attraction from other women.

Because of this, I’m focusing mainly on sexual desire
(discussed next) and all other things that happen in
the bedroom.

To fully cover the topic of attracting the opposite
sex would take another book!

So, if you’re a lonely, single guy who needs to know
how to attract women (in other words, create that
initial desire)…or…if you’re already in a relationship
but your partner has lost the attraction to you, take
a look below:
2. Sexual Desire

The second stage is Sexual Desire. Sexual desire is
when a woman wants to be with you sexually…in other
words, she’s horny!

And when she’s horny, she’ll be openly receptive to
you touching her in a sexual way. On top of that, her
body will be more responsive to the sexual techniques
you’ll be using.
Phase 2: Sensations

Now that she wants to engage in sexual activities with you,
she’ll be ready for Phase 2: Sensations.

This is a large section that covers 2 distinct stages:
Excitement, and Plateau.

Stage 2: Excitement

During the excitement stage, you’ll be getting her
physically and mentally relaxed (so it’ll be easier for her
to release her orgasm), creating arousal and transition
into building up anticipation and enough sexual tension so
she can have an orgasm.

The “tools” you’ll be using to get her relaxed will be a
massage, and labial massage.

Most of the couples I’ve talked to don’t even consider
relaxation or sexual tension in their love making.

Big mistake.

If you miss these 2 steps, it’s going to be a lot harder
for her to have an orgasm.
What You’ll See During the Excitement Stage:

• Increased heart rate
• Increased breathing rate
• Sex Flush-Her face, breasts, hands, soles of the feet,
and other parts of her body may become more red
(doesn’t happen in all women though)
• Muscle tone increases-she’ll feel more tense


• Nipples become erect
• Slight increase in breast size
• Veins become more visible

• Vagina becomes lubricated
• Upper 2/3 of the vagina expands
• Cervix and uterus pulls up

• Inner lips start to swell and open up
• Outer lips flatten out and spreads outwards
• Clitoris becomes larger and erect

Stage 3: Plateau

The plateau stage is when you make direct stimulation with
her genitals.

You’ll start off slow, and gradually escalate the pace
until she’s reached her peak, and is ready to have an

What You’ll See During the Plateau Stage:

• Further increase in breathing rate and pulse rate

• Breast size increases further
• Areola (the darker circle surrounding the nipple)
swells and becomes darker. It can lead to the
appearance of the nipple flattening out

• Increase lubrication
• Size of the vaginal entrance becomes smaller. It’ll
feel “tight” as you enter her vagina. (But since the
inner 2/3 of her vagina has expanded, it’ll feel like
there’s a huge amount of space in there).

• Clitoris retracts upwards into the body, hiding under
the clitoral hood
• Labia swells even more, becomes thicker and changes to
a darker color

Phase 3: Surrender

Continuing the process, the “Surrender” phase is when a
woman will have an orgasm. Now, I just want to make a note
that because this system is designed to bring about 3
orgasms, we’ll be cycling through the Plateau and Orgasm
stages three times.

Stage 4: Orgasm


The pre-orgasm is the moment right before the orgasm.
You’ll learn what to do and what not to do to make
sure that she’ll successfully have an orgasm.

The Orgasm

The orgasm is when all the sexual tension you’ve built
inside of her is finally released.
hat You’ll See During the Orgasm Stage:

• Sharp increase in heart rate and breathing rate
• Muscles contract throughout the body (including the
pelvic muscles, arms, legs, thighs, back, buttocks,
hands and feet)
• Toes may arch forward
• Panting breaths
• Uncontrollably shaking voice
• Her eyes are closed, nostrils are flared and she’s
unable to speak
• She may make bold, steady eye contract with you just
before she lets go
• She may look a little like she’s spellbound – soft
body, droopy limbs
• Her orgasm will last about 15-20 seconds, and as a
general rule, under one minute.
• She may begin sweating noticeably
• Breasts:
• Same as plateau stage
• Involuntary contractions of the uterus, anus and
vagina (if you have your finger or penis inside of her
vagina, it might feel like her vagina is “pushing”
them out)
• She may ejaculate

Phase 4: Reflection

The last phase of the Orgasm Blueprint is Reflection.

There are 2 important aspects to this phase: one is
psychological (reflection), the other is physical
resolution). (


The Reflection Phase leads back to the Seduction Phase of
the next sexual encounter. In other words, what you do
here will have an impact on the next time you decide to
have sex.

Psychologically, you’ll want to reinforce the pleasure and
satisfaction she just had, so when the cycle loops back
into “Seduction” Phase, she’ll be thinking of you more, be
more attracted to you, and want sex more often!

Stage 5: Resolution

Physically, she’s coming down, and going through a stage of
“Resolution”. This is when the body is physically
returning back to its original state, and she’s coming down
from the orgasm.

What will you see during the Resolution Stage? Basically,
her body will be returning to its normal, un-aroused state,
going through a reversal that has been built up during the
previous stages.

As you can see, these four phases encompass the full
process of the female sexual needs and responses.
In our next chapter, we’ll get into what techniques to use
during each section, and how to properly perform those

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