Thursday, January 22, 2009


The trick to helping your lover release her orgasm under
your control is to first get her in a state of total
relaxation. In essence, you’ve got to help her unwind.

Before you want to set about increasing sexual tension, you
need to first eliminate any stress. This will free your
partner to focus her attention on the pleasure you’re
bringing her instead of the report her boss needs on Friday
or the dentist’s appointment scheduled for tomorrow

Relaxation is great, but it’s a somewhat slippery slope.
Get her too relaxed and she’s likely to fall asleep. Don’t
relax her enough and her mind will wander and her attention
will stray. That’s why it’s a great idea to find ways to
relax that will also ignite her passions. One of the best
avenues to accomplish this is the art of massage.

The massage will be broken down into 2 sections: Massage
and the Labial Massage.

One of the number one mistakes that many men make when it
comes to their dedication to the idea of “giving” their
woman an orgasm is neglecting to get her fully relaxed.

This likely stems from the fact that we tend to assume that
women operate from the one-track focus that we do.

Obviously, we don’t require a state of tranquility to get
off. Hell, in times of intense stress, our partners can
merely start rubbing our penis and in a matter of minutes,
we’re ready to blow.

And even if you are paired with a partner who doesn’t
“require” the euphoric state of relaxation, that doesn’t
mean that the results won’t make the walls rattle! Even the
toughest of lovers will become INCREDIBLY aroused with the
teasing tactics I’m about to reveal…

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